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Open up and say ahhh - All agape over Skechers.

I was flippin' through last week's Entertainment Weekly and happened upon a Skechers ad - a sequel of sorts to a she-spy action ad from a few months ago. Since there were considerable amounts of midriff, decolletage and legs to be seen and enjoyed, and maybe even a shoe or two, it caught my attention as it was designed to do. After a bit of gawking (for professional reasons, of course), I then checked out the action shots in the background of the ad, and noticed something curious...

In every conflict-type scene with the heroine-type gal... I dunno... I've seen a lot of action movies in my day, and have seen plenty of different fightin' facial expressions used to varying degrees of acting success... but this gal... well... Maybe she had some major dental work done earlier that day and the Novocain hadn't worn off yet... or maybe... I hear that Botox treatments are pretty popular with the ladies nowadays... hmm... Stuffy nose?... anyway... Check out the close-ups below and hypothesize for yourself.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to the mall and buy some shoes.

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Dabitch's picture

Clearly not a model who will later move on to a succesful acting career.....

claymore's picture

She must have a hard time eating soup.

caffeinegoddess's picture

Maybe she's hoping to get called to do some of those Coco de Mer or Trojan ads. ;)