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Orbit - art food, and remember to chew - Czech Republic

Agency Mark BBDO has just released this poster campaign that seems to equate orbit with art. Or perhaps food with art. Either way, after arty fartying you should remember to chew as the tagline says.

Now this particular one is interesting, if only because spoofing the Giuseppe Arcimboldo food face portraits is a classic Adland passtime, it might be even more popular than doing Roy Lichtenstein style ads or Warhol-like stuff. I've seen so many during the years. Way back in 1995 there was an Arcimboldo-homage campaign that I actually liked, as the faces were eating HP sauce; even though the original idea was for the face to eat itself like in this Orbit poster above but that got the client a little worried on how it might look. It was created by team Erik Eriksson and Anders Krisar at Saatchi in Copenhagen for you adhunters out there. These days Anders has become an artist himself, reviewed by the NYT and even included in the The Arden Collection, which is photography collected by Paul Arden - Ad god - over thirty years. End gossip.

Leon Sverdlin (Creative Director)
Martin Charvát (Creative Director)
Dan Kurz (Art Director)
Pavel Sobek (Copywriter)
Honza Šoupa (Producer)
airbrush: Danda Horáčková

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