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Oreo Daily twist vs Google daily doodle - only one wins a Cannes Lion

So, still hungover from Cannes, Oreo and DraftFCB are basking in the shine of their glorious Lion win for Oreo Daily Twist, when lady-who-has-real-job™ asks... "How is the Oreo thing any different from the Google doodle?" OH PLEASE! Back off, lady, this area is for professionals in advertising only. Just because you educate the next generation of consumers doesn't mean you have any idea about what makes an ad campaign. Have a seat in that tiny uncomfortable desk over there while I explain.

Google didn't do any super-topical doodle when the Rover landed on Mars, like Oreo did. Google was there when spirit landed on Mars back in 2004. Oh hang on. Bad example.

Oreo did Star Trek. Google did the first anniversary of Star Treks 1st broadcast.. Wait, lets leave the geekery off the examples list, clearly Google will always win here.

GAY! Oreo celebrated Gay pride day with a rainbow stuffed cookie. All Google has is the rainbow colored search bar when you search on the word gay, lesbian ... OK so this was another bad example. Wait, wait, I got this.

The Look and Feel®! Oreo has the cookie as a star of each image, with the distinct black and white chunk of sweet creating the base for each illustration, so the image itself is branded. All Google has is the multicolored logo-name creating the base of each illustration, thereby branding the image itself ... No, wait don't leave lady, I know I got a good example here soon.

Moon landing! Oreo did this brilliant visual with the moon boot stepping in the cookie cream to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing. All Google ever did was .....celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Moon Landing in 2009 and in 2005 too....

Interactive! The Oreo Daily twist can be played with too, like their Pong example. You could play that Pong game! They're interactive. You know, like if you could play that MOOG or that google doodle game of pac man...

Fine lady, just leave then. Walk away! You're just like all the other civilians, man. Nobody understands the brilliance that is advertising! Google isn't even proper advertising because they do it themselves. *scoff*! Of COURSE Google Doodle isn't the same as Oreo. Did it win a Lion? Did it? Did the google doodle win a Cannes Lions? HMMMMM? No? Okay then, I rest my case. Take that! There's isn't even a case study for the Google Doodle... Bloody amateurs.

Epilogue: Remember Oreos 40 years of Pong?. Well, Google may not have done Pong directly, but you can find that idea in Alex Yuen's Media Arts Portfolio, so it's not like nobody thought of it.

Yes, I know: the answer is topical. Oreo daily twist could at the speed of fast approval do a twist that responded to something in the news, such as the super bowl blackout. Google Doodles have a longer processing time.

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This is quite possibly the funniest shit I've seen in many days. People wonder why Google is so beloved – you've made the point.

Oreo captured 100 consecutive days of people's imagination (which was genius!). Google has ALL of our hearts, souls (and NSA filled) information.

Good one, DaBitch. Good one.


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you're so right! I totally didn't saw the lookalike, but it's striking :-)

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: D hehe.

Noah pointed out that the Oreo daily twist do something else I didn't mention: they're very constricted. It's cookie only, and occasionally a straw. The Mars rover tracks are made with other cookies, and so is that moon-footprint. It's a very nice touch.