OUIGO - Let's Go ! (2017) :30 (France)

I'm reminded of Sesame Street's pinball counting videos in this spot for the low-cost train service OUIGO, run by France's national carrier. Except this is more modern animation and has just as catchy a spot. There's a larger message here-- pinball is an awesome game and takes you on a fun ride for only a few bucks. So does OUIGO. '10 euros and you’re off at 300 km/h" indeed. In addition to the film and pre-roll, and print, there was also a desktop and mobile pinball game too where users could win tickets. Fun!

Agency / Rosapark
Co-founder : Jean-Patrick CHIQUIAR
Co-founder and CCOs :
Jean-François SACCO / Gilles FICHTEBERG
Art Director : Cerise LECLERC
Copywriter : Louise MUSSOT
Account Director : Delphine DRUTEL
Account Managers : Lucile WISSOCQ / Thibaut THUREAU
Head of amplification : Mickaël MOUGENOT
Film & print production
Niko Picto – Studio 3D
Agent and producer : Watch Out Agency
Game production - Merci Michel

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