Overly attached girlfriend raises funds for autistic surfers

The Overly Attached Girlfriend - OAG - as her meme spawned during the Justin Bieber "Girlfriend" competition named her is using her internet fame for good. Her real name is Laina Walker and she has decided to try and harness her meme-status into something that helps other people. Whoah. Selflessness in her generation? Who would have thunk it. Her first project is to try and raise some money and attention for the surf camp for autistic children, a non-profit that teaches social skills through surfing. Studies have shown this to be effective in helping autistic kids develop social skills.

Reddit are responding with some cheers and the usual "Seriously just go away" & "do a gonewild" as the new "show us yer tits". Stay classy, Reddit. It is however quite difficult to capture the fame of a meme and turn it into attention for something else, just ask Tay Zonday, so we wish Laina all the luck in the world on that as it would be nice to see someone with a big heart succeed for once. She has raised nearly $10,000 since she posted the video, so with any luck she'll ride a rollercoaster and skydive right off the top of it by this evening. The video is however, stupid long, someone please donate her an editor.

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