Paddy Power - Scotland's 2016 Anthem (2016) :60 (UK)

Marching down a fog-covered glen, this Paddy Power ad set to the painful song "Vindaloo" but with new lyrics celebrate all things Scottish and has spared no expense in getting Scottish celebrities to appear in it. There's Michelle McManus, including The Krankies, ex-footballers Frank McAvennie and Andy Goram, and - Paddy Power cheekily add - there's "even a cameo from the Loch Ness Monster." Sure there is. You don't fool me that's three guys in a suit. Our heroes sing about deep fried Mars bars and not caring about the Euros, with the most stereotypical Scottish characters joining the march it's a send-up of everything, ending with the joy of betting that the English will lose. Ha! Of course someone at the Guardian ponders if this ad is offensive to Scots, while penning this line: "In fact, the ad is less about hating the English, and more about celebrating their own crapness. Which is pretty much as Scottish as it comes." Congrats for making Paddy Power ads appear in the news, thats their goal you know. What's offensive is saying "bantz". Stop that.

Client: Paddy Power

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