Paisley - "Hide" / Burqa in LA - (2014) :60 (Germany)

A sleek luxury car is driven around town by someone in an orange silk burqa. We see your usual shopping, a goldfish is bought, a visit to a café, a chat with a friend, intercut with flashes of a woman's face.

At the end comes the reveal. Her man looks so good in his Paisley fitted suit that she has to hide him from other women, in a burqa.
Cue controversy in 3...2...1

Actually, I really like it. The reaction from male colleagues here at Adland was the exact opposite. Courting controversy for controversies sake they said. I'm like : Did you see how gorgeous that suit makes him?

Agency: MAYD, Hamburg, Germany
Director: Alex Rank
Creative Directors: Behnaz Pakravesh, Bahador Pakravesh
Senior Copywriter: Susanne Pakravesh
Music: NIGHTKRAFT Sound Engineer: Tobias Sauer
Video Editor: Nikita Kronlund

Production Company: WilsonProject
Director of Photography: Joachim Zunke
Executive Producer: René Ahrens
Production Manager: John Tichatschek
Set Design: Thomas Wesselmann
Styling: Jacqueline Ziesmer / Julia Wu
Make-up: Fee Steinvorth / Katharina Schneider
Gaffer: Ingo Polster
Sound: Willem Hasse

Second Production Company: The Shack GmbH, The Soundshack GmbH

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mathew styles's picture

Cool ad. I'm a man and i like it a lot. Hope my girlfirend don't hide me now after seeing this

Marleen's picture

Yammy, that man in that suit...i would hide em too.

fairuse's picture

I see where the guys are all "yeah right" about the burqa. I was waiting for the expected reveal. Good use of symbols I said after pretty guy was let out. I totally missed the point on first look.