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Parisian Gentleman - Real Heroes (2016) :90 (France)

As I was waiting for the subway the other day I people watched. There was a large man with long stringy poorly dyed black hair, eyeliner, giant boots and a black leather like coat almost touching the ground doing his best death metal look. Several young men in jeans and candy coloured polo shirts. Some kids who dressed as if they belonged in a anime movie. Bearded flannel shirt wearing hipsters. People with white and silver metal sneakers. Sagging adidas pants. Jeans, jeans, and more jeans. And then there was this one man who strolled past me in a perfect fit simple light grey suit, with a great cut, three buttons and two side vents. His perfect blue-grey suede shoes had a colourful stitch to the sole, and his blue-grey suede belt matched this. His tonic tie colours nodded to the same stitch. I was following his walk from one end of the platform to the other before I realized I was staring and looked away. Among a sea of cartoonish fashions, his perfectly tailored spring look stood out like a beacon in the morning commute.

So yes, lets bring back elegance. It's a rare thing these days. Perfect fools Parisian Gentleman want you to know that the real heroes these days are the elegant people. A rare breed indeed.

Directed by: Igor Borghi
Produced by The Family Film

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