Paul's Dairy "Twins" (2015) :30 (Australia)

In the Extraordinary Place (a real hand-crafted model) where Paul's dairy comes from, two twins, Frank and Felix, make the stop lights turn red and green. Nice touch with the tortoise and hare paintings hanging on the wall by their breakfast table. This spot for 2% milk with full cream taste was voiced by actor Aden Young.

General Manager Marketing: David Waugh
Marketing Manager Milk: Scott McTaggart
Agency: The Monkeys
ECD: Scott Nowell
Head of Production: Thea Carone
TV Producer: Jade Rodriguez
Art Director: Dave Ladd / Barbara Humphries
Copywriter: Paul Bruce
Group Content Director: Kate Blackadder
Senior Content Director: Gini Sinclair / Mitchel O'Donohue
Senior Content Manager: Katie Wong-Hee
Production Company: Photoplay Films
Director: Scott Otto Anderson
Executive Producer: Oliver Lawrance
Line Producer: Karel Chvojka, Moloko Film
DoP: Ginny Loane
Production Designer: Martin Krejzlik
Concept Artists: Matt Hatton & Kurt van der Basch
Editor: Simon Njoo
Post: Alt VFX
Flame: Karen Fabling
Colourist: Billy Wychgel
VFX Supervisor: Jesse Bradstreet
Music: Elliot Wheeler, Turning Studios
Sound Design: James Martell, Nylon Studios

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