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Peace day / Global amnesty 2012 - Long Receipt - (2012)

Hello world, and welcome to cynicism, where I am your sad tour guide. Look, David Woodbury and Nikolaus Drellow did really well here, they did get on the list of winner of the 2012 D&AD awards for the Open Brief too. But if we really look at this? They had an idea that long receipts would signify peace? Is it good? Is it great? Is it.. just .. hopeful?
Look, I'm a parent. When I shop for food I get receipts that are two meters long (and I would bet David & Nikolaus don't know how long this is). I do not tie these to my car (though that is kinda cute). The people who hold on to these do so in order to calculate their expenses, the people who do not, trust their online banking system (FOOLS!). Either way, receipts are not seen as confetti for peace by anyone, and probably won't be anytime soon, especially not in countries where they are used when calculating taxes (read: all of them)

But hey, nice animation and less nice VO guys. Good job! Don't get me wrong, I actually do like the idea. Like I like the idea of me being twenty again. Love it. Would totally rock. Still ain't happening.

Oh, and dear future, forget my jetpack, I want that paperless office to appear soon because I have fifteen dead trees in my wallet in the form of receipts, and that's just the one from the grocery store. It needs to end.

D&AD winners David Woodbury and Nikolaus Drellow

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