Pentagram - The Gamechanger Rap - A Plea for Plain English

Pentagram has followed up their holiday card last year which featured buzzword jargon like "gamechanger","synergise", "creavate" and "surfing the double dip". This year they went one step further and enlisted Brooklyn-based singer Ngozi Y'ileese and beatboxer Leum Kerzic to elevate their elevator pitch, to "push the envelope" as it were, and get all the ducks in a row. I have no idea what I just said but I'm sure it was "mission critical".

Ngozi is perfection as the gamechanger, while Leum surprises as the beatboxing intern. This is actually a gamechanger in the way ad agency christmas videos/cards are done because they left out christmas! It is a simple plea for plain english - and please lets kill "The ducks in a row" expression now. Pretty please.

Naresh Ramchandani explains: “We originally published Gamechanger as an epic poem, a kind of anti-jargon Odyssey or Aeneid, a seven-verse entreaty to all agencies and execs who habitually assault the English language with their business buzzwords. But when it came to making a video, we realised that epic poems are so two millennia ago and that maybe a bit of H.O.V.A would work better than a bit of Homer. And so our rap video was born."

"So here it is, Pentagram’s first rap video. Will people like it? No idea. Does an overjargonized world need it? Hell yes."

Ad agency: Pentagram
Creator: Drew Bierut
Produced : Superseed Productions
Titles: Steven Qua
Additional music: Jesse Hackett

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