People dancing in shapes, times two, BT vs Het Nieuwsblad.

Sqaure eyed super adgrunts and other adnerds probably recall last years BT advert "talk talk" where people seen from above dance into different shapes, such as a rolling pram, a couple of children and a heart pierced by an arrow. Re-see it here at chiadvertising.

Seems that the crew who can dance like this have a great agent, because we found another ad where they do the same thing thanks to a friendly adnerd named Joost. Talk Talk 'shapes' shameless copy inside.

But wait.. What's this? Is it another ad where people danci into the shape of something or other? Why yes it is!
click here to load a flash film at

Ok, here's my limited translation skills in action:

We are a land of punished sporters, and even more punished supporters.
A land where plenty of party and beers is.
A land where there's an unseen amount of ministers, one more excentric than the other.
A land where every area has it's own festival.
A land with the living newspaper - Het Nieuwsblad.
(feel free to correct me - not sure I got that exactly right.)

And just to pre-empt anyone who'll mention the British Airways ad. I'll mention the British Aiways ad. ;9 It's here in the archive:

British Airways - Bringing people together / Face - (1989) :90 (UK)

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And CHI's just finished doing another set of them ads last month!

(You can see them on the stink website on the main page, it's up on the top row of videos, under David Frankham).

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Oops. Forgot to say. The ads are actually for TalkTalk from the Carphone Warehouse over here in the UK...