The people have spoken: USA Today's Ad Meter

Now that the civilians (non advertising peeps) have voted their choice for best Super Bowl spot, we can see what really resonated with America.
It seems like sentiment ruled the day.

Coming in at the top was Anheuser-Busch's beautiful Baby Clydesdale spot. Also in the top five was the RAM/ spot Farmers And Oprah's Jeep spot for the soldiers. But then, America also liked some goofiness. Doritos was also huge with both Goat 4 Sale and Fashionista Dad winning top slots.
I guess we're a bi-polar bunch.

Despite one impassioned support (and several disparaging digs) from an adland commenter on the Beck's Sapphire style over substance spot, it came in third from last. Apparently people just didn't see the magic of a CGI fish singing to a bottle of beer. Adweek rated it second worst spot of the Super Bowl.

So I guess there is hope for America.

The rest of the Ad meter winners and losers can be found here.

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