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Pepsi - Zero Sugars done right / Paint it black (2020) :30 (SA)

We open on a landscape of red, dotted with dancers all dressed in in red and white as H.E.R. sings her version of The Rolling Stones'  "Paint It, Black", specifically "I see a red door and I want it painted black". Her red can is suddenly covered in black liquid, and she smashes through a black wall to join Missy Elliot on the other side. Man, is there a super bowl commercial Missy Elliot won't do? I'm not complaining, I'm a fan, but she's kind of a regular at this point. She could get her own square in the adland super bowl bingo cards. "Ad with Missy Elliot" BINGO! I GOT BINGO!

Client: Pepsi 

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