Pfaff Tweet Race (Lowe Roche, Toronto)


OMG another First Of Its Kind™ moment on Twitter. In this case, it's a race for followers on Twitter. For a chance to win an Audi A4. Okay not win it, win a free one year lease on it.
Anywho, the first person to get 2500 new Twitter followers, wins! The contest started today and there's only like a little under 7 hours left right now according to the clock countdown thingy.

It's simple. Just sign up and keep track of your followers! Not on Twitter, because that would make sense, but on A micro site for Pfaff Auto, and handy dandy data collector to boot!

Note: this this is only open to Ontario residents. Otherwise, I would have already bought my 2500 followers and beat all of y'all.

Far be it for me to point out that running-based contests and events have already occurred via Twitter, and the concept of cars and racing and all that stuff, so yeah, I just did anyway. No more First of Its Kind™ any more, okay? Somewhere, someone else has done it.

P.S. if you read the terms and conditions of the contest, the Pfaff people are pretty
hardcore about what you can and can't say or show on Twitter once you've entered the contest. In other words, you're not just entering a contest but Pfaff has also enlisted you to become the voice of the dealership, too.

Good luck, everybody!

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  • Dabitch's picture

    So adland, who often tweets rather.. lets say "offbeat" ... advertising images and jokes joined the race and being not an Ontario resident I just wasted my twitter-TV's time. ;)

    (It was all in the name of "lets see how this works" though, you understand..)

    Aug 28, 2012
  • Thecockrule's picture
    Thecockrule (not verified)

    No understand of the medium, this is terrible and they don't even look after they own campaign...

    Aug 30, 2012

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