P&G Thank You, Mom - Strong / Rio Olympic Games (2016) 2.00 (USA)

Just like previous Olympics, P&G celebrate moms with the help of Wieden & Kennedy. This time, it's the mothers being stronger, and fearless, that is resonating with our olympic athletes. Among them is Sun Zhiyi, the diver whose mother tells him that he can succeed because she knows it in her heart. Showing really dramatic scenes, such as an athlete recalling how her mother coached her away from an approaching tornado, to those little moments where only mom could reassure you like when an elevator is on the fritz, this ad is based in the "strong mom" idea. The tough woman who is never scared, who just knows what to say and do. It's not just P&G that own this thought now, Teleflora plays up the #Tough Mother too. Compared to the Mom sponsors, 2010, the best job in the world 2012, and pick them back up, 2014, this ad - while successful at making me reach for kleenex, because I am a sucker - is a little too far away from the brands. Tornados and airplanes in lightning are a far step away from washing powder. A mothers daily courage is in the little things, that make the million little things foundation from which the olympians challenge the world.

Ad agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Director: Jeff Nichols

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