P&G walks like a duck....

Ah, procter and gamble's marketing geniuses have come up with yet another brilliant plan in order to sell some soap. Learn how Dawn helps clean up ducks victimized by oil spills. (also at saveaduck.com)


Perhaps they think this will make us all forget that Procter and Gamble products and the company frequently feature on top of PETA's list of bad guys because when they aren't hawking soap by washing ducks, they're testing their other soaps on animals. See PGinfo.net . In 1991 the company was criticized for continuing to pollute the Fenholloway River with up to 50 million gallons of wastewater each day from its cellulose plant in Florida. Fish in the river were being contaminated with dioxin. (...if it says continue, you should)

P&G aren't that popular at the McSpotlight site either. In the book Soap Opera P&G is exposed as a big bully: "Behind Procter & Gamble's wholesome image is a control-obsessed company so paranoid that Wall Street analysts, employees, and the chairman himself refer to it as "the Kremlin." P&G's wealth and power ensure that it gets what it wants, from tax breaks to the eager services of Washington lobbyists. Who does P&G Dawn ads in the states? The Kaplan Thaler Group one of the fastest-growing New York advertising agencies with billings of $385 million. They also do those terrible Clairol Herbal Essences ads. ugh. There are two companies in the world that have official songbooks. Procter and Gamble, and IBM. :: Super adgrunts watch the dawn duck commercial

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