Philips wants you to shave everywhere

Recently Philips came out with a new microsite for their Norelco Bodygroom. Last June Dabitch pointed to in "It takes balls to sell un-hairy men" which looked at two print ads, one was for this product. Now, in addition to their on site section for the Bodygroom, they have put out Shave Everywhere. Hosted by a man in a bathrobe, the microsite features demonstrations using bush trimming, a music video that's an "ode to Bodygroom", and an explaination of how shaving "down there" will make your doodle look larger. The music video had been on youtube but it now says the user took it down. Read more for screenshots inside.

"It'll make your (BEEP) look this big!"

"Now I'm not hairy anymore..."

"Shaving will make your girlfriend want to (BEEP) (BEEP)..."

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Hahaha! Will it make ones doodle look like a pot for a plant? ;)

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Got this to the hostmaster box:

Check out this (viral?) film that referrs to a body shaving game by Philips.
youtube fitness shave
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