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Photocopied concept, part two.

These gems of Badland have been found via Mediafact who reported about the ads in November 2003.

First up "La photocopieuse" for Mikado chocolate sticks, widely reported as being made by BETC Euro RSCG in Paris, France - though I could´ve sworn that I saw it in a "Japanese/Asian" issue of Shots magazine back in the day. In any case, it was aired in 2000 and won a Bronze Lion 2001, the Prix Club des Directeurs Artistiques, 2000, a bronze clio award 2001 and Les Mineurs D’Or, 2000. If you haven't seen this one you have been living in an ad-black-hole. ;)

Mikado - La photocopieuse (2000) :30 (France)

Tagline: Mikado, la petite faiblesse qui vous perdra. - Mikado, the weakness that will ruin you.

Medifact reports that the AA paper ad was shown on Kopspijkers, and called at rip-off at that. PPGH Amsterdam did not make the copied copier-gag commercial, in fact they advised against it, and apparently it came from Thailand according to Karl Hormann the general manager of AA paper. He explains (my bad translation);

"I know that plagiarism questions in the ad world, it's a sensitive lie, but for us as a brand builder this commercial has maximum efficiency."

AA paper - Photo copy (2001) :30 (The Netherlands)

It's rather sad, while the Japanese woman truly looks horrified to be caught copying her bum, the Dutch ad is trying to... I'm not sure what they are trying to do with those long over-acted looks. Play on sex? It feels rather ham-fisted. A bonus from Mediafact.nl is this poster for the campaign where the "hottie" actress of the Dutch ad gets to, well, look hot. Oh yeah, there's some photo-copy paper Art Direction in there too.

Arguably the idea suits paper better than candy, maybe, but ripping ideas is still not very nice. I hope the paper is recycled too.

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And then there's the fact that the ripp-off is just plain wrong.

If the girl climbs on the copier to get more paper, how come all of a sudden it starts to make copies? Wasn't the machine out of paper?

What a stupid commercial. It's a sad, sad day for the Dutch.

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....*rotflmao*... yes...

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Hahahaaaaa! Yes.. But to paraphrase a really annoying (but funny) director I've worked with.. "It's the magic of FILM, the audience will believe it if we edit it right!"

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Yep, the dutch one was dubbed and aired in Oz, and that's exactly what I thought too -- what of kind of logic gets an employee to climb on a really expensive piece of equipment to reach something? And the Occupational health n' safetey rep. would have kittens too. And let's face it, photocopiers don't really pick up anything more than an inch or two off the glass. It's a hilarious ad.