Pink Ribbon Magazine launched - poetry for our girls (Boobies!)

Pink Ribbon GIRLS ad

Grey Amsterdam's campaign for Pink Ribbon Magazine (NL) launches this week, with magazine print work by celebrated photographer Rankin. (Cue me having a bad case of envy here - aaargh! ) The campaign shows "the girls" front and center and takes the thought of us ladies girls as BFF to heart, writing poetry to our named parts.

Pink Ribbon Magazine NL, published by Sanoma Publishers, is a charity glossy magazine from which all profits are directly donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation, Netherlands. In fact everyone involved has donated their time free because it's for breast cancer awareness. The campaign is created by Pieter van den Heuvel and Ecco Vos. ECDs are Colin Lamberton and Seyoan Vela.

Executive Creative Director Seyoan Vela, says:

"Everybody knows breast cancer is dangerous, that it should be taken seriously, that therapy and research need funding. Breast cancer, and the battle against it, is something that unites all women, no matter where they are from, how rich or poor or what culture. Not only are all women potential victims, also almost all women know somebody that has had breast cancer or is currently dealing with it. In that sense, buying Pink Ribbon Magazine is a sign of solidarity."

The work sees three executions - each with the breasts of a model, either young, middle-aged, or older. A celebratory and poignant poem is written across the body, about the breasts. The breasts are seen as a pair of friends, with names, who should never be parted.

This is Eva and Faye
Who grow closer to each other, every day
They just hang around, without a clue
That one day they’ll feed a baby or two.
Eva is smaller, she won’t disagree.
With the right clothing, nobody will see.
They share a life, do everything together,
Let’s hope that remains true forever.

This particular ad reads;

Lizzie and Marlies, two friends with a heart
Born on the same day, never apart.
Sharing a life and all of their things
From lovers to sweaters to lose themselves in.
Free on the beach, hidden in the city
Together forever Marlies and Lizzie.
Because dark, light, big or small,
Breasts should be together, until the curtain will fall.

This is Ellie and Claire,
Sixty years young but still a pair,
Apart from a mole, almost the same
As young as ever, they would claim.
They still think about lovers they shared:
Clothing, perfumes and a life without care.
After all these years, still good in their skin,
Thankful for life, still a twin.

Client Pink Ribbon Magazine
Campaign Circle of Life
Format Magazine
Client name Marlies Swart
Brief Breast cancer unites all women and the same should be true for the fight against it.
Launch date 22-09-2009 campaign
Territories NL
Duration of campaign 2 months

Grey Amsterdam
Copywriter / Art Director Pieter van den Heuvel
Art Director Ecco Vos
Designer Phoebe Dawson
Strategy Director Martijn Benschop
Account team Silvia Lenberger, Eva Cortenbach
Art Buyer Anita Hammer
Photographer Rankin

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Had jpg of the comment that got trapped by filter a minute ago. Well, I guess my comment on Adrants is OK for now (copy/paste easy). Remember; This is a response to the poster with blackout bars, nothing else. The poem is a wonderful message and slapping black bars over it destroys the message implying some other message.

I think it is box-of-rocks stupid putting blackout on the poster. This is not TV or a window at the mall. The blackout defaces the poem and implies a convenience stores 'skin mag' attitude. Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with people. Disclaimer: Living on southeastern beaches of CONUS I know the answer already.