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Pissjar Sans - a font made from piss (literally)

As they were adding their final touches to their new album Apathy and Cheap thrills the Swedish punk bad Pissjar figured they needed something extra for their album cover, t-shirts and tour posters. They wanted a cover that would go with the music, so they had a little think... Soon Pissjar Sans was born, a font made out of piss. Literally.

Anton Bolin, mild mannered ACNE Art Director by day, bad ass punk bassist by night, enrolled all the band members and some friends into a pissing contest in his apartment. They created one wet letter at a time, by peeing onto a sheet stretched over a wooden frame. After each pee, a quick photo would be snapped, and if the letter looked good it ended up in the font.

Adland: How much, and what, did you guys drink in order to piss out an entire alphabet?

Anton: "The process of peeing Pissjar Sans took over six month so it was loads of different stuff, but I mainly consume water and beer. So I would say 70% water, 29% beer and 1% of that watery soup i cooked in november."

Adland: Have you considered adding numbers & accents to Pissjar Sans? Or is that not punk?
Anton: "To be honest it’s really hard to pee letters, so I don’t even want to start thinking about how hard it is to pee the number 8."

Adland: How did you keep track on which letter you were on, and whose shower was this? How long did they have a "piss-frame" lying around in their shower?

Anton: "It was my shower, or to be fair the shower belongs to the owner of the apartment I was renting at the time of the ”design” process. The frame was there for probably 7-8 months so maybe it wasn’t the most hygenic shower cabin in the world at the time. The things you do for art!"

Adland: Do you guys ever use your artistic piss talent in the snow?


Of course! This winter is going to be the winter of urine calligraphy with all the training I have gotten.

Adland: Where can we buy your piss sans decorated t-shirts?

Anton: At our shows!

You can keep track of the band Pissjar and where they'll play next via their Facebook band page. You can download the font here and use it "in your wedding invitation, school report or as a company logo for your shitty startup."

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