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Place your bets people: Cannes Lions worthy ads - Craft / Film. (part 2)

Canal Plus went all out when they announced their show about Carlos, the father of modern terrorism. From the point of view of street witness, we roll around in an explosion in reverse, to end on the ticking before the blast. This simply has to win something in craft, the sound is perfect.

Canal+ - "Tick" - Meet Carlos - (2010) France

This ad launched The Asteroids Galaxy Tour as a band and features some interesting characters, but.... Seriously, I can't be the only one who wants to see the Dos Equis Man trip this guy up, am I? Too many short edits of this ad on TV has totally ruined it for me.

Heineken - The Entrance - (2010) :90

Dot! It's the worlds smallest animation! It should get the worlds smallest Lion. Quick, get a shrink-ray!

Nokia N8 - Dot - the worlds smallest stop-motion animation character

While it's probably not even competing in craft, the special effects in this PSA are mesmerising. How can something so sad be so beautiful? The actress vulnerable expression feels hyper real.

Domestic Violence PSA: It rarely stops (2010)

See also what we're rooting for, Part 1.

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If I have to pick just one it is, Canal+ - "Tick" - Meet Carlos

and honorable mention to, Domestic Violence PSA: It rarely stops even if it is not trying for Craft.

I like the attention to detail in Canal Plus "Tick" and watching it left no room for distractions to pull my eyes away. I was that focused on finding out how the story played out. I would put real money on this one. (Promised I would never bet my lunch money again.) *grin*

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I'm putting money on it (well, beer, rather) as I am sure it will get something for craft. Listen to it. That's perfect that sound. and we're talking about an explosion! Backwards! In slow-mo!

Not sure it can get anything else in craft as there's some really great stuff out there, and there's a bit of oddness when the tick-ticking is heard and people are walking forward (instead of backwards like the slow-motion was). That might feel uneasy to visual judges.

But man, that sound is great.

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First things first. I cheated - Converted it to MJPEG & PCM so I could play it in reverse. The audio is right on even when playing it from explosion to bolt bouncing off the post. Sure there is a bit of tweaking the audio so it is perfect when played normally; a given due to the way sound is processed by people.[1]

As for the people walking forward at the end? I have no problem with it. At the dog barking then ticking the sense of tranquility is enhanced and normal motion fits. If the judges are so visual they cannot feel the effect of the sound then maybe they should not vote.[2]

I hope I made sense, it is late.

1. University of Maryland (2010, February 10). Seeing the brain hear reveals surprises about how sound is processed. ScienceDaily. Retrieved June 15, 2011, from Science Daily

2. I have no clue about alternate judges or any of that rulebook stuff.

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I would really like to see a tiny Cannes Lions for Dot.

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The Dot -- after seeing it in 640x544 25fps it looks better. I will put it down as Bronze. There are 20 on The Gunn Report Sweepstakes Yikes, my brain hurts, cannot make up my mind.