Plan UK - The Lesson - Learn without fear (2015) :90 (UK)

Marmalade Film and Media created this film for Plan UK as a new push for their ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign. It was released Oct 11 - which is the "International Day of the Girl". The point of the film is simple, all girls deserve the right to a safe education. The sound design is excellent, a distressing tone creeps up from the room noise as the girls we follow end up in situations where they are alone, vulnerable and eventually attacked. They want you to join Plan Uk to spread the word.

With research revealing that 246 million children, mostly girls, will be attacked at or on their way to school this year, we were determined to create films that would not just raise awareness but encourage a global audience to demand an end to the rising levels of violence against girls at school.
Our previous work on the Because I am a Girl campaign resulted in an award-winning viral film #FGM Rose that targeted the issue of female genital mutilation with a deeply affecting creative that went on to be championed by girls’ rights activists and campaigners.

On the topic of filming The Lesson and addressing this international concern, Founder and Managing Director of Marmalade, Claire Eades says, “Violence against girls in and around schools happens everywhere and takes many forms. We wanted to tell a global story with confronting honesty. Raising awareness is simply not enough. We need people to stand up and demand change, because every girl has the right to feel safe at school”.

The Lesson will be accompanied by two hard-hitting documentary films portraying true stories from Kenya and Cambodia of girls who have experienced school violence in its many shapes and forms. These films have been included to reinforce the need for urgent and significant change. Campaign stills and actor testimonial films were also produced to emphasise key messages and increase awareness.

Marmalade Film
Advertising Agency: Marmalade Film and Media
Creative Director: Claire Eades
Director: Nick Bye
Producer: Andrew Booking
Production Manager: Laura Morrison
Copywriter: Kim Godfrey-Hempsall

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Directed by Nick Bye. DOP Andrew Wiggins.