Playboy - King of the Game / Not the valet (2016) :55 (France)

The opening scene makes a few things clear: this is a great party. The venue is rich. The women are pretty. There's valet parking. The guy with the fuzzy handcuff car keys is a tosser. He waves the keys at a guy who is not the valet, and soon this man runs to fetch tossers car. It's unclear if this man already knows the three women cooing around the man with car, but it is clear that he is miffed and spots a great idea in the garage. With the "just married" sticker firmly attached to the car, the women reject joining car-man and instead opt for a cab-ride with Mr Not-the-Valet. Well played, son. Though I suspect this perfume smells like the man with the fuzzy handcuff car keys.

Do not miss the female version, Playboy Queen of the game / Photographer.

Ad Agency: Leo Burnett, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Jerome Gonfond, Hadi Hassan - Helou
Art Directors / Copywriters: Remi Lascault, Mohamed Bareche
Accounts: Stephane Billard, Sacha Depouilly, Claire Tanguy, Aimée Sineux
Director: Alex Eslam
Production Company: Wanda

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