Playing with Adrian Belew's Flux: Day one.

FYI I purchased this app. Just so we're clear, this is not an advertorial. That being said I'm a huge Adrian Belew fan. And FLUX is worth the review, not to mention the listen and view.
Two months ago we wrote about Adrian Belew's Kickstarter campaign to fund an app called FLUX: music that is never the same twice. Today that app launched for iPhone and iPad. It is as gorgeous and seamless as it is intuitive for skipping, sharing, favoriting and more.
In a perfect world, this is the utopian union of music and technology, which makes sense coming from a guy who is primarily known for his innovations on electric guitar.
The app is an audio visual sensory experience, made for the 140 character world. If you just hit play it gives you little soundbites of music (brand new music) you can favorite which ups the chances of it being payed more often It really is constantly changing. Random in the best sense of the word. Along with the audio is an interactive visual catalog of art created by Belew which I only remembered was interactive when I moved my iPhone. Moving your phone or tablet side to side or up and down also moves the artwork. It also works by swiping. And of course the images react to the beat of the songs, too. For completists like me, each song comes with notes about when or how it was recorded. And if you really like something, you can share the art and title through your social media channels, too. There's also a store which is "coming soon."
The app is the same price as a new digital download album except you're getting way more music and a visual experience to go with it. To fully appreciate it, though you need the bigger iPhone or iPad. While it looks absolutely great on my iPhone 5, the extra room of an iPad will only make it better.
For people who don't know Belew, this is a great introduction to one of America's greatest guitarists songwriters and singers out there. For people like me who love his work, this is a logical extension of his talents.
If you'll excuse me, I have to get back to Flux, now.

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