Playstation "Samir Ait Said" (2016) :50 (France)

#GameisNeverOver till you get it right. Just ask gymnast Samir Ait Said, who declares like a mantra, over and over again je suis un gif, repeating the moves, and screwing up the dismount until he finally gets it right. Powerful testament to the work that goes into sport. This spot is brought to you by Playstation who has a three-year partnership with the prestigious French sports institute: INSEP.

In addition to these spots, photographer David Marvier will follow ten athletes for two months, documenting their determination to win towards their fans, no matter what the result of the competition is or if the training went well or not.

Client: PlayStation
Clients : Nathalie Dacquin, Sébastien Chéramy
Agency : Berengère Mangin, Arnaud Edelhoff, Cyrian Thomas
Executive Creative Directors : Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie
Copywriter : Josselin Pacreau
Art Director : Sébastien Guinet
Head of TV : Maxime Boiron
TV Producer : Amer Zoghbi
Production: \ELSE
Photography: Martial Schmeltz
Producer: Jennifer Bauche
Post-Producer/coordinator: Mélanie Bernard
Post Production: \ELSE
Head Of Sound department: Olivier Lefebvre
Production: \ELSE
Music & Sound producer: Fabrice Pouvreau
Sound Design / Compo: Max Labarthe
DA musique: Philippe Mineur & Ferdinand Huet
Art buyer Barbara Chevalier
Photographe: David Marvier

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