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Pleix Go Back and Forth to The Future

La Gaîté Lyrique is a digital arts and modern music center which opened in Paris in December 2010.

This exhibition, titled ‘2062, Back and Forth to The Future’, aims to turn the gallery into a time machine.

Through different artistic mediums spanning the entire gallery, the artists will use their collective imaginations to place visitors fifty years into the future, when the gallery will be celebrating its bicentenary. Stink directors Pleix will be exhibiting nine pieces of work titled Gulf Stream, Water- cool, Family shades, Hybrid, Hot Spot, Less, Paradise, HFCS, and Netlag. While these pieces look to the future, they also have a strong social comment on the perpetual quest of the human condition to fill life with materials and consumerist pleasures.

Pleix had this to say about the project:

“We have known Jérôme Delormas, the director of the Gaité Lyrique, for many years now. Actually, he was the first person to invite us to exhibit at his former museum “La ferme du Buisson”. Two years ago he got in contact with us to discuss this extremely ambitious project called ‘2062, Back and Forth To The Future’.

One of the reasons we accepted this opportunity is because he trusts us and leaves us complete creative freedom. Being free is something you can miss when you just do commercials.

An exhibition forces you to think differently, which is very refreshing; having no constraints is very exciting but can also be very stressful. Overall, what we like is to experiment with different things - it can be a film, a commercial, a sculpture, an interactive installation; the more diversity the better.



Pleix / Nodesign / Anne Fremy / David Guez / Damien Chivalle / 

Francois Olislaeger / Catherine Contour / Usbek & Rica / RYBN /

Heewon Lee / FREAKS freearchitects / Collectif kom.post / Orbe / 

Siavosh Zabeti / Raphael Franzini / Alexander Kalchev / Les BNF.  



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