Political group hijacks wall in Copenhagen to place 120 square meter banner promoting remigration

A group of young activists, so-called identitarians, scaled a building in central Copenhagen on Sunday and put up a 120 square meter banner with the headline: "Remigration - it's possible!"

The Identitarian movement. or "Identitarianism". is a European, North American, Australian and New Zealander white nationalist movement that originated in France.

This billboard hijacking stunt comes just as the current Danish elections are revving up for election day, June 5 2019. The current political parties vary between established parties to extremely new parties that are actually campaigning on the idea of remigration. For example "Stram Kurs", in English "Hard Line", which is a political party in Denmark founded in 2017 by Danish lawyer Rasmus Paludan. The party is almost exclusively associated with its founder and his activism and provocative anti-Muslim demonstrations, most recently when he was playing hot potato with the Quran which caused massive riots in the centre of Copenhagen. (Video here here and here ). Despite being brand new, recent polls show that the party actually may enter the Danish parliament in this year's election.

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