Polycell ambient stunt at the Tate.

Considering that practically everyone has been talking about the huge gash in the floor of the Tate, Doris Salcedo's 3ft deep and 584ft long installation called Shibboleth - affectively known as "Doris' crack" - it was only a matter of time before someone hijacked it to try and crack into the papers with their brand.

London creative team Max Bugoyne and James Beswick did just that.

Creative team: James Beswick, Max Bugoyone

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That's a brand from a Bugoyne era. Is that the Beswick they could come up with?

Sorry, I'll get my coat.

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Don't forget your hat. 

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....So if I use polycell I'll end up with giant cracks in my floor? / dense

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That's how I saw it. It seems sort of like using the Liberty Bell as an example or something.

Kissmekatey's picture

Yes, it seems a little backwards to brand the wrong, but I understand the hype about this crack made it a very difficult stunt to pull off and I applaud them for their chutzpah.

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This advertises Max Bugoyne and James Beswick rather than polysomething.

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Still, I admire that they managed to do it.