Pontiac Grand Prix - Sunglasses (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

An American car commercial actually does a rather brave little twist on le fatiguè "drivin' fast on a dry lake bed/eat my dust trail" thing. Believe it or not. You go, girl! Woot!

(Superadgrunts, read more to view.)

Pontiac Grand Prix

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Hey Clay... didn't Ray Charles [certified blind man] drive on a dry lake bed in an ad aired early nineties? I remember an ad like that. Might be older though.

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Mebbe. But she's cuter ;-)

It'd be cool to find that Ray spot. All I can remember along those lines is the 70s-era SNL Canon spoof with Stevie Wonder playing tennis.

Of course, that was in the day before a commercial could be derailed by one uppidy, self-righteous person complaining to the automotive maker that they were exploiting blind people. Or unsafe driving by blind folk. Or women drivers. Or destroying fragile landscapes. Or blind women destroying fragile landscapes with unsafe driving.

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RAY UPDATE: It's from 1994. By Euro RSCG. Ad done by G

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aaaaah yes, that is the one i mean. quite a cool ad at the time. probably still is.

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Does anyone know what the song is in this spot? It sounds reallly familiar....

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Someone please get ahold of the music to this commercial!!!

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If you check out the forum on this site, you would find that Robblink wrote Pontiac a while ago, and according to their reply, the music was created in-house just for the spot - not licensed from a label's artist/band. Ahh... shoot.

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Love the subtle hint at her blindness when she lightly caresses the leather steering wheel.

Beautiful spot, well done. The dry lake bed cliche is the fourth character here, and therefore becomes a non-cliche. I think. :)