Pontiac Torrent - Struggle (2005) 0:30 (USA)

Music: Ringside - Struggle

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I’m looking to it I’m so sad that they don’t have it here it s a
2005 Pontiac torrent commercial it shows billy s house at the end the is lieyin by Olie
The song is like any songs Pontiac commercials but it’s Olie singing but the car is black driving outside not in a black background this time I saw it today the same commercial came on it’s not the Olie song remix of it nope nothing sounds like it but what s the name of song in 2 version of that commercial it sounds like farting nose and find Olie on the Pontiac Garage anytime you want and listen the his songs on there find the song from the Pontiac torrent commercial on rsn the song in the other version of the might be a a different Olie song but not lieyin I think it’s get on by oile

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I don't know the name of the song I'm afraid. Sorry.

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I just got a 2008 Pontiac torrent yesterday