Pornhub - Wedding Dress - (2015) :30 (USA)

Ah, and here I figured the "Pornhub premium" of wedding dresses would be the one, slightly dishevelled and torn, on the floor.

Pornhub has launched their premium service and are announcing it by attempting to make "Pornhub premium" a thing. I'm tempted to go all "stop trying to make fetch happen" on this, but I wouldn't actually be all that surprised if it did happen. "This champagne, my friend, is the Pornhub premium of champagnes! *POPS CORK*" ... Innuendo, you'll never be able to escape it.

Client: Pornhub

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This ad is as boring as it is uninformative. After gogling SFW sites, i found out the difference between regular free and premium is ad-free experience, higher resolution and get this: soon-to-be VR capability. For all the oculus rift/Cardboard nerds.

Speaking about this purely objectively in terms of what makes a good ad, if you've actually got a USP why not use it?

Like really use it.

Use it hard.

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Yes. And faster too.