PORSCHE 911 50th Birthday song - (2014) case study (China)

Porsche, seen as a brash noisy car by many in China, decided to tackle this negative head on by creating a happy birthday song (to itself) sung by generations of Porsche engines. Sure, it's a little reminiscent of when Gary Neuman played "Cars" on.. cars... for Diehard, or that website where women's moaning was the sound-keys making music that I'd rather not remember was actually an ad for something. This is a clever way of gettig people to play with what they perceive to be the "most negative" aspect of the brand, and share it with their friends. Quite clever, really.

Yes, adgrunts in Adland, brace yourselves, for we are in the middle of case study season now.

Ad agency: Fred&Farid Shanghai

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