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Porsche - Polygamous Marriage - (2016) 30 (The Netherlands)

This stark black and white commercial that spies on a wedding of husband, husband, husband and husband, is based on a solid idea. Young men who want a Porsche but can't justify the expense may share one, thereby cutting the costs. For this Porsche have launched a share app. Of course, to milk some press out of this they'll call it "Porsche organises polygamous marriage for the launch of Share a Porsche", because that sounds a lot more dramatic than simply sharing a car, like we'd share a boat or a horse or a ski lodge or some other more expensive leisure time activity. There are only 52 weekends a year you know.

But wait, there's more: Porsche puts friendship to an uncommon test: is a group of four friends prepared to officially get married in return for a Porsche 911?
They're actually sending people to a wedding ceremony in India. The wedding ceremony will take place in Kinnaur, India; one of the few places in the world where group marriage is practiced. Friends can propose to each other at www.porsche.nl/marriage until the 31st May. The selected group of friends will travel to Kinnaur and marry together in a local ceremony. Once married, each of the newlyweds will get a key to their dream car. There will be no need for a prenuptial agreement, since the Porsche will be their one and only shared possession.

You'll even get a wedding gift from Porsche. A Porsche 911.

ad agency: Achtung

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