Post-it - Unforgettable Post-it Proposal - (2015) 2:50 (South Korea)

I'm not one who is usually affected by tear-jerker ads, those pieces of communication specifically designed to rummage around in our hard encapsulated hearts and elicit a warm and fuzzy response. However, with that addendum, I found this piece from South Korea incalculably cutesy and romantic.

Described elsewhere as a clever stunt, my suggestion is don't think too hard whether this was a real marriage proposal or these were jobbing actors and/or agency staffers. Just enjoy the feels in a harsh and brutal world. As of writing, 3.5 million intoxicatingly loved-up YouTube hits can't be wrong.

Client: 3M
Agency: Innored

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That's the cutest "I'm trying not to cry and mess up my makeup" I've ever seen.

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The girl is painfully adorable, yes.