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Posterscope Brasil presents: The Mosquito Killer Billboard (2016)

A billboard isn't just a billboard any more. Down in Peru they created a water generating billboard, and an air purifying billboard to advertise UTEC. Up in Brazil, the ad agency teamed with OOH network Posterscope Brasil, both owned by Dentsu network, to create a mosquito killing billboard. And if you want to repeat their feat you can download the tech plans here.

These days creating "awareness" isn't enough, and when faced with the Zika virus which has spread rapidly across Brazil and Latin America, the agencies wanted to solve the problem directly. The billboard emits carbon dioxide and a lactic acid solution that mimics human breathing & sweat, which attracts the Aedes aegypti mosquito and then traps them inside the billboard. It's designed specifically to trap Aedes aegypti mosquitos, not other insects. This way it won't harm pollenating insects and disturb the eco-balance. Two billboards are currently up in Rio de Janeiro, the city hit hardest hit by zika, they're placed in Tijuca and downtown.

"We’re now trying to convince brands, people, even governments to come with us to spread this idea," Andre Lima, creative vice president at NBS explains. This is why the technology is open, to allow anyone who wants to create these billboards to do so. Now, bar & café owners, start building this mosquito trap around your chalk-boards where you announce your daily specials, and have a mosquito-free space. Unless of course these things attract too many mosquitos...

Ad agency: NBS
Media agency: Posterscope Brasil

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