Pozz Failed viral for Firefox

Remember POZZ the French viral ad agency who wanted to sell a viral campaign on Ebay last year? Someone actually bought it. Well, now they've created a campaign for Firefox over at funnyfox.org, and these films received 300,000 views in the first day they say. The films are predicatble, boring, pointless and not very 'viral' in the sense that I wouldn't pass it on to anyone. Notfunnyfox.org?

Mark Kingdon over at ClickZ agrees:

It didn't work for me. I asked people at my agency what they thought. Their response was universal: not funny, not ironic nor iconic, nor something they would share.

So why did Firefox of all brands think they needed a viral agency to help them out? They were doing so well already with Firefox fans buying space in NYT and fans painting giant firefox murals and all sort sof crazy stunts. In fact they have such a creative fan-base it's pretty insulting that they have engaged a viral agency on top of that. Especially since it turned out to be a not very good one......

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That's Mozilla Europe. They don't count.

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Sorry to say it since I tend to be a big fan of virals, but this is truly pure crap. rubbish imho.

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Everything about these is horribly awful.

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Aaah, thanks for the 'support''. ;) Yaknow for a moment there I thought I might have a defect funnybone. I looked at it, understood how many hits it had had the first day. Realized that someone approved it and though somethig was wrong with me... I mean, they say nothing and they do nothing. wtf?

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Why? Why? Why? Firefox just works goddamn better, and it's free. What more does anyone need to know?

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I don't find the ads funny in the slightest, they just leave me confused. I don't understand the point of them. Very lame.