Prada gets illustrated for its eyewear collection

Acne, The Mill, and Milan-based agency April created an immersive digital experience called Prada Raw Avenue which mixes traditional fashion illustration and animation for the Prada Raw Eyewear Model S30. They handpicked the internationally renowned illustrators, to help bring this project together. They are:

Carly Kuhn (Los Angeles)
Megan Hess (New York)
Blair Breitenstein (Seattle)
Judith Van Den Hoek (Netherlands)
Wong Ping (Hong Kong)
Vida Vega (London)

I love the concept of bringing to life Prada through the eyes of other creative people. And while the concept works great on a mobile device, on desktop, though, you use a lot of the immersiveness. In fact, it's not that intuitive or immersive and it gets kind of clunky. Guess that's what happens when you go all in one one format.

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