Predictions for 2010 in Adland

Everyone does it, so lets join in with the predictions pulled out of a hat. This is what we believe will happen in 2010. Make a bingo-card out of it and see.

  • 1 - Micropayments will finally come of age. They'll be used to pay creatives for their work.
  • 2 - Individuals as media channels , big brands on T-shirts are so 90s, now we want the consumer to Bambuse live as they shop at H&M and air this on their own facebook page. Someone is working on a campaign that encourages this type of behavior right now.
  • 3 -Crowdsourcing comes of age and the worlds first worldwide union, the CSGotW (Crowd Sourcing Guild of the World) enters the scene.
  • 4 - The full service ad agency will die a new breed of agencies will emerge, specializing in creating content for the types of media that are barely invented yet.
  • 5 - Your mom still won't understand, at family gatherings and as she introduces you to her friends, she never manages to explain your job right. Settle for "s/he works in advertising" and leave it at that.
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    Bat shit, and supermodels in a five N' dime store where did the time go.