Project Literacy "Thank You Mom" (2017) 1:07 (USA)

Project Literacy knows the biggest influence on a child's future is whether their kids can read and write. The ad's call to action this Mother's Day is simple: If your mom made sure you can, help a mom who can't. I love it. More than just a series of people thanking their moms for teaching them how to read, write, think and more, (the sneezing toddler ad the end is priceless) it's also a Mother's Day ad with a larger purpose.

Client: Project Literacy
Agency: FCB Inferno
Copywriter: Martin McAllister
Art Director: Julia Ferrier
Senior Account Director: Helena Georghiou
Senior Account Manager: Charlie Griffith
Strategy Director: Julie Lagan
Media/Social: Chloe Belloin and Laura Visick

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