To promote its new art collection, IKEA launches photo app KLIKK

IKEA's new app, KLIKK, only allows you to take one photo. The idea is to remind you that there are actually skills involved in photography, so you have to plan ahead to think about time, light, exposure and more. KLIKK has been launched together with the new IKEA Art Collection, a collection of posters by eleven renowned worldwide photographers. The collection goes on sale in limited numbers starting now. But here's the cool thing: KLIKK will also allow Belgians the chance to be part of the collection. By submitting photos used with the app, a professional jury will select one photo to be the photo number twelve in the collection. That photo will also have a limited run as well as live on IKEA Belgium's website. Really cool idea.

Client: Ikea Belgium
Agency: DDB Brussels

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