PSP - Baby / Go Play Outside - SPEC work (2009) :30 (USA)

Oh no you don't, the opening scene here with baby crawling toward a stove complete with simmering pots in the kitchen makes hair I didn't even know I had stand on end.

When the twist arrives though, I have a flashback to the idea of some quirkily illustrated print ads in the late nineties that I know I saw in Lürzers Archive. Anyone else recall? I seem to be on a bit of a badland roll at the moment.
This is from - Oh wait a minute here.. Does that website with the TV at the bottom of the lake remind you of anyone elses? Like the previous Forsman och Bodenfors created by North Kingdom? Hehe, now I understand why one of my copywriters freaked out at me one day screaming "you're hopeless, you have an examle of everything being done before, this really hampers my creativity", it is a really bad habit, isn't it? ;)

Title: PSP - Go Play Outside
Creative Director: Beau Hanson
Director: Oliver DeFilippo
Country: USA

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