Publicis invites you to "Skip Maurice" - it's a trap!

It's a tradition for Publicis Groupe for CEO Maurice Lévy to send out a taped holiday greetings message every year: this year it's at Publicisgroupewishes2016 - please go there. For Publicis employees it's a bit like how it feels watching The Queen's Christmas Broadcasts is to the Commonwealth for her subjects, or any other monarchs holiday speech for that matter. We'd actually gather with christmas drinks and sweets to watch this together in a Publicis office in Amsterdam, but as schedules are constantly rearranged in advertising these speeches found themselves on the web a long time ago in order to reach all employees.

And now that we're here, on youtube in all its glory, Maurice is mocking the collective "get on with it!" groaning heard in Publicis offices around the world, and offer you a youtube-style "Skip Maurice" button, so that you can simply skip his speech and watch the great ads made by Publicis instead. A-HA it's a trap, for in the ads Maurice will march in, taking the place of the man spoonfeeding yoghurt to his wife, then having to get the yoghurt stains out of his shirt in a bright pink branded laundry ad. He'll appear in a shampoo ad with a pretty amazing wig. And so on. All the while he's spoonfeeding us Publicis news! The irony of Publicis mocking ads that Publicis has often made is not lost on us. Maurice knows what the bread and butter is, and he knows not to bore his employees.

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