Puppy Chow "Can puppies fix boredom" (2016) 1:54 (USA)

Puppy Chow made some branded content with Soul Pancake, featuring a school room full of kids, a retirement home full of senior citizens, and a gym full of sweaty dudes who all get distracted by the puppies when they come in unexpectedly. Which is really cute. They should have just stuck with the gym as it was way more unexpected. The gym seems way more like a routine than the old folks home or even the pre-school.
This is one of the reasons why i have always hated working in dog-friendly environments, because every meeting tends to be longer because "No, Roger! Put that down!" "Samantha, get your nose out of the garbage" "Don't worry about Hoss, he won't bite."

Also, Puppy Chow holding its charity for ransom in exchange for the likes approach is really tacky. As in "you'd better share on social or we won't donate any food to rescue shelters." Especially with the legal line in the youtube copy that says they will only donate in the period of one month. Shame on you, Puppy Chow. Go lie down in the corner.

Client: Purina Puppy Chow
Agency/Production: Soul Pancake
Director: Golriz Lucina
Producer: Hashem Selph
Director of Photography: Bayan Joonam
Head of Marketing: Correy O'Neal
Production Coordinator: Tiffany Hutson
Digital Agency: Reach Agency
Music: "Where We Dream" by Monako Davis
Location: Los Angeles, CA and Pasadena, CA

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