Quad and Publicis Paris sell cell phones with Bad Boys

The bad boys are back in town. Two quirky french fellas in the latest SFR campaign are on their worst behavior in three 60-second commercials. Don't miss these three ads, they made me laugh out loud.

First up, one of the guys gets to play Doctor....
SFR - Doctor

Sometimes that little camera in the phone really comes in handy.
SFR - Star

Join groups, make new friends!

SFR - Groups

Super Adgrunts click on the images to view the ads.
Credits: Remy Belvaux directed all three commercials with the help of Quad productions. Publicis Paris was responsible for the creative, Creative Director was Olivier Altmann, while the teams on each ads were André Leupold and Bruno Delhomme (for Star and Group), and Robin Delestrade & Guilhem Arnal did the "Doctor" ad.

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