Quietglover talks to Max "Banned german spite commercial -BJ!!" Isaacson Director + poll

Quiet Glover has an interview with Max Isaacson - director of the "oh sorry didn't mean to be seen by anyone but my friends" Sprite blowjob ad. I can't make out if Max is incredibly naive or just blowing smoke up our arses in an effort to establish total ignorance as a legal defense or something, but at one point he says;

"I wanted to be able to get a laugh out of people while still trying to make some kind of commentary on the overuse of sexuality in advertising. I mean, how could these be real?"

So perhaps he is naive, and thought this would make us talk about sexual images in advertising rather than the fact that it was "'a banned german' ad. Seriously, something labeled "BANNED GERMAN SPRITE COMMERCIAL -BJ!!" isn't likely to be seen just 'by a few friends', everyone knows by now that "banned+commercial" is code for "kick-start a meme" and used on a daily basis by viral hacks whose ads may or may not ever reach the amount of eyeballs as this Sprite film did.

As I recall the youtube page read something like this;
BANNED GERMAN SPRITE AD - BJ!!!, and the description stated something like: "Young horny Britney Spears looking lovely performing oral sex but wishing she had a Sprite instead. Spec Commercial." - and this blurry image of the Safari cache is all I can bring back from that page since google never caches youtube, but it backs my memory up. Now, would anyone - never mind working in advertising or not - seriously think that a description containing "Britney Spears" and "oral sex" wasn't going to attract a whole bunch of people via random searches? "....hell they weren't even supposed to get popular on the internet" - then why put that description, you could have left it at "Spec ad"? Hmm?

If you fancy seeing the whole page, click here.

For stats on the sudden surge of traffic to this ad, check the viral chart. Quite the sudden spike there.

Quiteglover has a poll up: "since you've seen the banned Sprite commercial you will....?" and there's your three choices. Go clickie some buttons and pass it around. Lets see if a spec ad that goes viral helps or hinders in the selling of Soda pop.

Previous sprite ad linkies - The so called "banned commercial" itself is here if you haven't seen it yet.

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