Quiznos - Coupon (:30) (2004) (US)


Ad agency: The Martin Agency
animator: Joel Veitch

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Hurray to Quiznos for having the most annoying commercial ever. This is one of the few commercials that I'll actually change the channel to avoid watching. Because I am the type of person who is turned off by a product's stupid ad/commercial, I don't think I'll ever eat at Quiznos again.

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This commercial is sick and wrong...it should be taken off the air. I can't remember the last time I said that about anything on TV.

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you do realize saying "get this off the air" twice on a site that has no influence over the airwaves is a bit of a waste, don't you? Maybe you should call your local channel and ask them to take this off the air. Or better yet, Quiznos themselves. ;)

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This commercial is absolutely hilarious and it does exactly what an ad should-- it keeps you thinking about the product long after you're done watching the commercial. We all think it's a riot at work and it hasn't been uncommon to someone to randomly shout out "The Quizno's suuuub!!!" and make everyone else in the room laugh at some random point in the day. Props to Quizno's for taking a chance on something unique.

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Does anyone know what this animator does now?

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