Quiznos - Wolves - medium version (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Finally - a sandwich that doesn«t suckle.

Agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners

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caffeinegoddess's picture

Weird spot. I caught this last night and nearly spit out my drink when I saw the suckling part. Crazy dude. I'm half surprised the FCC or standards (or whoever) let that get to air.

Dabitch's picture

wolf suckling babies is a great art and myth, think Romulus and Remus.

caffeinegoddess's picture

Definitely. Just find it surprising, considering what kind of stuff isn't allowed on the air that is in the same vein. :)
one of the better spots I've seen so far for a sandwich shop.

Dabitch's picture

yeah, I like the guys "hmm" at the end. He's soo perfectly dry... :)

I guess it wouldn't be funny/shocking if they didnt have the adult man suckling. (would be less absurd with an actual baby suckling). Just goes to show ya, common expressions are really weird. ;)

Dabitch's picture

You're not the only one though Caff, check here in the suntimes:

"I COULDN'T believe my eyes: While channel surfing, I came across a new Quizno's submarine sandwich TV commercial that left me in a state of shock. The scene: Two guys are talking about a Quizno's sandwich, and when one mentions that he was eating his "untoasted," the other guy asks him in amazement, "Were you raised by wolves?" In response, a dream sequence depicts the guy visualizing himself suckling on a female wolf while her baby wolf is doing the same.

UGH! That vulgar commercial left me thinking, "Who in the world would want a Quizno's sub after seeing that sight?"
-- Stella Foster

caffeinegoddess's picture

Ha! Didn't take long for someone to complain about that one ;)
I'm still not sure how I feel about this ad. I like it and I don't. Feeling conflicted too early in the morning. heheh.

AnonymousCoward's picture

Maybe this is why you are conflicted... It's an eye-opening spot but you don't really know which character to identify with...

We have two characters here.
The Jerk and Mr. Sarcastic.

The Jerk asks Mr. Sarcastic if he's got the untoasted (is that word?) sandwich and if so, was he raised by wolves.

Mr. Sarcastic imagines being raised by wolves and then tells the Jerk, yes. Yes I was. Leaving Mr. Jerk speechless.

Who do you identify with? If someone asks you a dumb,over-the-top question, do you not try to come back with the most sarcastic/ridiculous answer possible to shut them up? I am going to bet that most people see themselves as Mr. Sarcastic....

Yes. Yes I was raised by wolves. Now, shut your smarmy face and eat your damn sandwich which probably cost twice as much as mine.

claymore's picture

This is where I differ from you guys. When I first saw this spot, I didn't assume he was having a dream sequence or being sarcastic. I assumed he was remembering the previous (or recent) night.

No sarcasm. No fantasy. Just bizarre reality and a fabu coincidence.

That was my take, at least. I've been wrong before, but I dug the spot from that perspective.

And remember, the guy eating the Quizno's sub is not the guy who sucked wolf nipple.

caffeinegoddess's picture

Going by that...I guess then the face the non-Quiznos eatting dude makes before he thinks back or whatever is misleading because, at least I think, he gives a look not of thinking back but of "oh if I was..." sort of deal. Could just be my interpretation of it. *shrug*