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Quiznos - Wolves - spicy version (2003) - 0:30 (USA)

Well... that's certainly a word you don't often hear in American TV commercials. Matter of fact, this may be the first time, and it works splendidly.

Bravo, Quiznos, and double bravo, Cliff Freeman & Partners. You've sold me.

Client: Quizno's
Ad agency: Cliff Freeman & Partners

Principal talent:  Jim Parsons

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This commercial still disturbs me. Do we really need to see some guy suckling on a wolf? And if he was raised by wolves, wouldn't he be much younger and not in a business suit. And how rude do you have to be to call somebody else's sandwich "crap?"

claymore's picture

On the first part, perhaps he was never weaned and still lives at home?

Besides, it's sillier this way.

On the "crap" part, I think they're darn sharp and perhaps even a bit daring for deciding not to try and appeal to everyone out there, but rather, to plainly and directly connect with those who appreciate things, food or commercial content-wise, a bit beyond the norm.

For some, plain = crap.

Those with "delicate constitutions" can always head over to Subway for a foot-long Wonder Bread sammich containing roughly 95% iceberg lettuce and count their fat grams. These people are not the target audience.

Frankly speaking, Quizno's is going after the people who can tell the difference between shit and shinola.

Some people will be offended (that's why this version runs on late night cable and the network version runs earlier in the day) and some people won't. Either way, it's not likely to be forgotten quite as easily as the rest of the general pabulum out there, and might even garner up some watercooler buzz and free publicity in the news if enough people are aghast and/or amused by it.

And then again, I could be completely wrong.

Sidenote: The Quiznos account is currently up for review, so this could either be CF&P's swan song, or a buzz-builder that'll help them retain the biz. I guess we'll see.

Sidenote 2: CF&P also used wolves in one of the infamous Outpost.com commercials. One more time, and it could become an agency hallmark.

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umm, I did a poor job of explaining why this spot didn't work for me. Let me try again.

I have no problem with the word crap. That's the way people talk although I doubt they would follow it with "Toasted Philly Cheese Steak From Quiznos." (insert copyright symbol)

We have two characters here.
The Jerk and Mr. Sarcastic.

The Jerk asks Mr. Sarcastic if he's got the crap (py) sandwich and if so, was he raised by wolves.

Mr. Sarcastic imagines being raised by wolves and then tells the Jerk, yes. Yes I was. Leaving Mr. Jerk speechless.

Who do you identify with? If someone asks you a dumb,over-the-top question, do you not try to come back with the most sarcastic/ridiculous answer possible to shut them up? I am going to bet that most people see themselves as Mr. Sarcastic....

Yes. Yes I was raised by wolves. Now, shut your smarmy face and eat your damn sandwich which cost twice as much as mine.

By the way, the Subway Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki on parmesan oregano bread is to die for.

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I thought this was an excellent commercial. This commercial did exactly what it was supposed to: grab your attention and cause you to remember whose ad it was. Not only that, I thought it was hilarious. If it wasn't for the annoying new rat commercials, Quiznos would be my sandwich place of choice.

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This was "spicy"?