VIA Rail "Selfie" (2017) :15 (Canada)

Dumb dad-to-be can't stop taking selfies even as his wifey's going into labor. She asks him "Why do you always have to take selfies?" he answers 'Why don't you take the train?" Not shown: the scene in which she screams "i don't know, because I'm in labor?!" while gouging his eyes out. Somewhere in this execution is an idea about changing habits, but it's a bit easier to understand why you should stop doing something you already do than it is to understand why you should change your habit of not doing something.
Moreover, I hear 'Why don't you take the train," and I answer "Because it's expensive and I have to leave on someone else's schedule, and sit with a bunch of people I don't know" or a handful of other reasons. This campaign never doesn't attempt to persuade me with a benefit. As entertaining as it is, it's easy to dismiss, unfortunately.

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Advertiser: VIA Rail Canada
Agency: Cossette
Media agency: Touché!
Digital agency: Tink

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